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Covid Long Haulers doesn’t have to be forever!

If You Were Stricken With Covid-19 And Are Still Feeling Symptoms More Than 28 Days Later You Are Not Alone!! The Same Thing Is Happening To Millions Of People Around The World.

Some studies are showing more than 20% of people diagnosed with Covid-19 experience these symptoms after 28 days.

Currently there is an unmet healthcare need for these patients that the world healthcare system hasn’t begun to address. Our team of medical doctors, immunologists and scientists are using translational medicine to get fast results for patients.

The Cellular Performance Institute Covid Long Haulers

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The Cellular Performance Institute at CHIPSA is a beachfront out patient facility with a full cGMP cellular manufacturing and genomic bioinformatic laboratory providing real time immune data to better tailor your treatment.

Our main Service

Solving complex long term medical issues arising from Covid-19.

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If You Were Stricken With Covid-19 And Are Still Feeling Symptoms 28 days later or more you are not alone!! The same thing happening to millions of people around the world.

You thought you had turned the corner. There was a life threatening pandemic, you had Covid-19 and each day you were getting better – the worst parts of this disease –  the fever, the cough and the breathlessness had finally started to disappear. 

Maybe you would be back to your old self, in 1-2 weeks? Yes, just give it some time and you will be “normal” again. 

But weeks pass, and while the worst symptoms are gone,  you are still not back to normal – not even close. 

Regular tasks at work and home that were once routine now seem increasingly difficult. Even something mundane like taking out the trash or climbing a flight of stairs leaves you exhausted. 

On top of that you can’t seem to find the ability to concentrate on anything, often forgetting little details… your brain is in a constant fog. 

These symptoms and more are found in millions of covid-19 patients more than 28 days after their diagnosis.

The same thing happening to millions of people around the world.

The cellular performance institute Is a network of medical doctors, immunologists, Naturopaths, geneticists and scientist studying the long term effects of covid-19 and looking for solutions for patients.

Genetic Testing

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Leading the way in long hauler diagnosis and treatment

  • cGMP Cellular manufacturing and Bioinformatics Lab

  • World Class Scientific Team

  • Real Time adjustments based on patient specific data

  • Multi-talented Medical Team

  • Psychological Support Team & Coaching
  • Aftercare Support Telemedicine Program

Cellular Energy

We strongly believe the first step in getting a patient healthy is to increase ATP and the energy in the cell. Simply put Covid long hauler patients lack energy. We intend to increase the energy and reset the immune system to a pre covid state.

To increase ATP to the cells we use a multi- faceted approach. We believe its the first time these treatments have been used synergistically together creating super fuel for your cells.

Expanded Hypoxic Mesenchymal Healing Stem Cells for Covid Long Haulers Treatment

Expanded Hypoxic Mesenchymal Healing Stem Cells

Our Expanded Hypoxic Mesenchymal Stem Cells are hand picked and isolated from the Whartons Jelly of an umbilical cord. This treatment is given via IV with a dose between 100 million and 150 million stem cells. Approximately 50% of stem cells given via IV end up in the patients lungs. The lungs of many Covid-19 long haulers patients have been damaged from the immune response the body gave during the infection. Our stem cells have the ability of finding and healing damaged tissue. These stem cells are grown and trained to search out low oxygen areas of the body. It has been shown that Covid-19 patients lose oxygen uptake and circulation. All of our oxygen and pulse electromagnetic field treatments are utilized to give maximum growth and circulation of the healing stem cells.

The combination of NAD+, hyperbaric oxygen, PEMF therapy, IV ozone, and IV Vitamin C prime the body to accept and enhance stem cell production after IV application of our Expanded Hypoxic Mesenchymal Healing Stem Cells.

This combination allows the maximum cellular energy flow and teaches the patients own immune system to aid in the healing of damaged tissue and blood vessels caused by Covid-19.


IV NAD+ has recently gained popularity in the United States. NAD+ is a powerful mitochondrial stimulator.

NAD+ is a helper molecule. Basically it binds to enzymes in the body and charges them. Part of our hypothesis is that NAD+ levels are depleted in covid long hauler patients. An easy way to think of NAD+ is it’s like supercharged fuel for the cells. It works through a complex cycle called redox. NAD+ is an oxidizing agent. It takes in electrons from the molecule it is helping and then becomes reduced. When this happens it forms NADH, which is then used as a reduction agent to donated electrons. These electron transfer reactions are what provide energy to your cells.

NAD+ supports the following biological processes:

- Repairing and protecting DNA Gene expression
- Extracting cellular energy from nutrition
- Maintaining mitochondrial function
- Chromosomal integrity preservation
- Calcium signaling
- Epigenetic and post translational modifications

NAD+ can be taken by pill but the bioavailability is limited. IV NAD+ is the only way to deliver 100% bioavailable NAD+ to the cells.

Another aspect of NAD+ that is rarely talked about is the shelf life of the product. Generally NAD+ IV expires after 6 months. But the oxidation effects start immediately. Think of the difference between a fresh pressed juice versus something that has been in a carton for a few months.

Our in house laboratory makes NAD+ fresh every week thus giving every patient the most powerful NAD+ experience possible. This is often overlooked in medicine but something we take very serious as we know it makes a difference in the patient results.

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy

All energy is electromagnetic and every exchange in the body is electromagnetic in nature. The energy controls our chemistry. Damage to the flow of this energy causes the immune system to malfunction.

Our bodies are electric. Every time your heart beat it creates an electrical wave throughout your blood vessel, which stimulates cellular tissue.

Some of the basic actions of a cell are to generate energy to eliminate waste, to repair and regenerate itself, and perform its predetermined functions based on the cell’s type and location in the body. Through the increased motion of ions and electrolytes, magnetic fields help cells increase their charge by up to 500%.

Most of the effects of the electromagnetic field works through ions. For this reason we supplement IV and/or oral magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium throughout the week.

Many long hauler patients suffer from bad circulation, cold feet and clotting issues. A major benefit of PEMF therapy is increased circulation. “Sticky” red cells are damaged cells that don’t hold an ideal charge. Magnetic fields cause the cells to unstick by becoming properly charged thus allowing better circulation. Furthermore PEMFs dilate the blood vessels which increase blood flow and oxygen throughout the body.

Studies have also shown PEMF’s can increase neural stem cells by up to 400%.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO) has been used for years by doctors to support in the treatment of a variety of conditions. It is approved for treatment of serious infections, wound healing from diabetes or radiation therapy, and bubbles of air in your blood vessels.

HBO is a simple treatment. A patient puts on an oxygen mask and gets into a chamber that pressurizes. The pressure from the chamber and pure oxygen the patient is breathing, allows for oxygen to be carried to different parts of the body that are starved. This extra oxygen stimulates growth factors and stem cells that create a chain reaction of healing.

Covid long haulers patients have been known to have damaged tissue, low oxygen levels and poor blood flow. When tissue is injured it requires even more oxygen to survive. HBO carries oxygen through the blood at a much higher rate. This increase supply of oxygen can normalize levels after sessions thus restoring the damaged tissue to a normal state.

Hyperbaric oxygen has shown in studies to increase stem cell circulation by over 200%. It works synergistically with NAD+ and PEMF therapy in similar ways.

Studies show HBO drastically increases activation of ATP and NAD. HBO, NAD+, and PEMF therapy all have been proven to increase the healing supply of stem cells throughout the body. While the PEMF un sticks red blood cells, HBO is then able to care the oxygen cells more easily to the parts of the body that need healing.

IV Intravenous Vitamin C

High dose IV Intravenous vitamin C has been shown to be both an anti-oxidant and a pro-oxidant with anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer effects. It is used for covid-19 long hauler patients due to its inhibition of viral replication and calming effects of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome in trials.

Through a complex and ever evolving understanding of covid-19 long haulers we believe IV vitamin C plays a critical role in a patients role in recovery. It’s anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating properties combined with its ability to kill viruses and pathogens give it a unique advantage against high cost commercialized pharmaceutical drugs.

Our IV Vitamin C is made fresh in our in house compound pharmacy. Batch to batch inconsistency is a problem with IV vitamin C due to a short, 6 month, shelf life.

This drip is given over a two hour period to insure maximum absorption and bioavailability to patients looking for the optimal therapeutic effect.

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Our Main Service

Solving complex long term medical issues arising from Covid-19.

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Speak with one of our Medical Doctors and get a custom treatment plan designed for you for free! Our Doctor’s are available 6 Days a week to help patients like you get the help they need to get better! 

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“Back to Father Daughter date nights. Excited to be doing so much better post treatment.  Smiles are back and life has returned. Thank You CHIPSA!”

– Ed O’keef Chiago IL